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Willie's Motor Bike!

I build motorized bikes for a hobby; it's been a hobby of mine since 1955. I built my first motor bike using an Army Surplus gas powered washing machine 4-stroke motor. I have built motor bikes from everything you can imagine.

When I retired in 2000, after 50 years of being a heavy equipment mechanic, I found out I was not ready for a rocker yet, besides my wife is a nag.  I'm 75 years old; I build good quality motorized bikes and sell them on craigslist and other advertising sites.  I also repair motorized bikes, sell motor kits and parts, install motor kits on other people bicycles, and more!  It is still my hobby and still fun, and my wife is still a nag.


Another Word From Willie!

I do all my work from a small shop in my backyard my show room is my living room of my home where me and my wife has lived  for 35 years my staff is a part time helper my wife Karen my gal Friday my 11 year old granddaughter April + my 8 year   old grandchild Madison. This is how I can dress so cheap

    I offer good quality motorized cruisers for 350.00 motor kits are 150.00 a complete motorized bike kit includes bike motor you assemble 26in bike kit  is 300.00 a 29 inch 320.00 replacement parts for less  I will motorized bike for only 225.00   

For more information please call Willie at (602)810-1804 {7am-7pm [7days a week] shop hours available by appointment only}, or you can also email me at williesmotorbike@cox.net 

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Willie's Motor Bike!

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